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Advantages of flexible graphite paper as sealing material

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With the development of the market, graphite paper is welcomed by more and more friends, and in addition to high-tech electronic industry, graphite paper is also used more and more in other fields. 

For example, flexible graphite paper has been widely used for sealing. The following two points are the advantages of flexible graphite paper as a sealing material

1. Flexible graphite paper/Graphite Foil /Graphite tape Rolls is often used for packing rings, spiral wound gaskets, general packing, etc. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, compression recovery, and is suitable for petroleum, chemical, mechanical and other industries.

2. Flexible graphite paper/Graphite Foil /Graphite tape Rolls is applicable to a wide range of temperatures, and does not become brittle at low temperatures and soften at high temperatures. It is safer and more convenient than traditional sealing materials.

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