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Application of graphite block in industry

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Graphite is one of the important non-metallic materials. With the development of graphite block processing technology, its application scope is becoming wider and wider. Xingshi Graphite  has been engaged in the development of high-purity graphite and strives to make further progress in the production process of graphite block. The graphite block is sealed into different graphite square and round materials according to the general industrial specifications.

Graphite blocks are processed into different graphite processing parts, which are widely used in metallurgical, mechanical, electronic, chemical, electrical, food and other industrial fields, especially graphite boats, crucibles, electric heating elements in electronic semiconductor technology and single crystal and polycrystalline generation equipment in solar photovoltaic industry.

The process characteristics of graphite block in processing are as follows:

1. According to the requirements of the industry, high-quality low ash graphite blocks with carbon content of 99% ~ 99.95% are adopted.

2. Pay attention to the high-temperature resistance of graphite block. We know that high-purity graphite and isostatic pressing graphite are the best of graphite materials. Their high-temperature resistance is indeed better than other metal materials, but pay attention to the application environment of graphite parts. Pay attention to the oxidation of graphite at room temperature. The ideal high-temperature resistance and oxidation resistance can be achieved only under inert gas.

3. Pay attention to the flexural and compressive resistance and particle size of the product. Although the graphite parts processed from graphite blocks have good thermal shock resistance, they need to be noted in specific applications

Mainly Usage :

  • Single crystal furnace thermal field

  • Polycrystalline furnace thermal field

  • Continuous casting graphite mold

  • Electric spark industry

  • Eelectronic sintering graphite mold

  • Semiconductor industry

  • Vacuum furnace industry

  • Heat treatment industry

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