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Customized Graphite Products


Graphite Products - Various Graphite Products . 

Largest manufacturer of synthetic Graphite and Carbon in China  . Offer Special Carbon and Graphite Products , Widely Used in Worldwide .

Extruded Graphite Mold

Graphite Tube(  Wall Thickness accept Customized .)

Moulded Mold Graphite   (Block and Big Round )

Machined Components - (With drawings)

Carbon Graphite /Special Shape Bricks 

Several raw material USED :

Model Medium Grained Graphite
0.8mm Fine particle Graphite 
Hight Purity Graphite
Isostatic Graphite
Items 2mm0.8mm1st Impregnated 2nd Impregnated Impregnated + Baked China Origin
Bulk Density ( g/cm3)≥1.63≥1.65≥1.73≥1.76≥1.68≥1.78≥1.851.8-1.85
Electrical Resistivity (μΩ·m)≤10.5≤8≤7.5≤7≤14≤14≤13≤15
Flexural Strength (MPa)≥6.5≥11≥11≥12.5≥25≥40≥45≥40
Compressive Strength (MPa)≥18.5≥27≥27≥34≥50≥60(75)≥60(85)≥85
Shores Hardness///////≥65
Coef.Thermal Expansion ≤3≤2.4≤2.2≤2.1///4.0-5.2
Ash( %)≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1≤0.15≤0.1≤0.03

          * Noted :  Just several best- selling and familiar specification .  Adjustable .

Uses of Graphite :

Graphite is mostly used for refractory, battery, steel, expanded graphite, brake linings, foundry facings, and lubricants. Graphene, a naturally occurring ingredient in graphite, has unique physical properties and is one of the strongest known substances. The separation process from graphite, however, requires more technological development.


• Crucibles, foundries, pencils, etc. are the traditional uses of graphite. More sophisticated graphite applications include refractories used in steel, cement and glass manufacturing, expanded graphite - based sealing gaskets, graphite grease, braid, brushes, brake lining, etc.

• It is also used in special applications such as in the nuclear industry, soil conditioners and graphite foils used for sealing in the chemical and petrochemical industries and in the energy, engineering and automotive industries.

• It is also used as a vital additive in small amounts to produce foundry coatings to prevent the melting of liquid metal with sand on the mould or core face. Such coatings are either sprayed or painted as a suspension or dusting or rubbed as dry powders.

• The graphite used for coating is of high quality that does not peel off as drying flakes and gives the casting a smooth surface. A major additive in many coating systems, graphite is known for its multiple functions such as refractory, lubricant, thermal conductor, electrical conductor, shield, electromagnetic pulse shield, corrosion shield and pigment.

• It is also used in nuclear reactors and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries used in electric vehicles that require high purity flake graphite in their anode material as a moderator.

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