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Difference between Synthetic Graphite and Natural Graphite

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The main raw material of Synthetic Graphite is high quality calcined petroleum coke, with adding coal tar pitch liquid to be bonded, and add some other materials. After preparing the raw materials,  pressed , then graphitized them in the non-oxidation environment  with 2500-3000 ℃. After calcining with high temperature, the components of sulfur, ash, and gas are greatly reduced.

The calcining of petroleum coke is main in order to remove sulfur, moisture and volatile. They have to be calcined with the temperature of 1200-1350 ℃,  these can be formed basically pure carbon because of the high impurity content of raw petroleum coke.


Just mainly , All kinds of Graphite scrap ,like graphite electrode scrap , anode scrap , baked coke , both we call artificial graphite .


Natural graphite can be divided into flake graphite and microcrystalline graphite(Amorphous graphite ) . Flake graphite need to be purified chemically, or heated to high temperature to decompose and volatile the oxide.Flake graphite production is low, but  the price is high. Microcrystalline graphite is high ash content, it should not be used as casting recarburizer commonly.(Mainly in South of China )


Generally, the cycle of synthetic graphite is better than natural graphite, which is more attractive with reasonable price. Natural graphite is soft. If the compaction is higher, it can make the grain transform, and fluid absorption capacity decline sharply.


Both of them , same widely used in industries .


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