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Graphite powder: working principle, form and main application of artificial graphite powder

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 Graphite is widely used in industry and is used in almost every industry. Artificial graphite is widely used in industry. Artificial graphite itself has excellent characteristics such as good heat conduction, good conductivity, high purity, easy processing, corrosion resistance, high strength at high temperature and good self lubrication. At present, it is widely used in semiconductor, solar energy, powder metallurgy, vacuum heat treatment, electrical and electrical engineering and other fields. It is mainly used as heating components, bearing plates, furnace components, etc.


Working principle of artificial graphite:


Artificial graphite is a typical layered structure. The carbon atoms are arranged in layers. Each carbon is equidistant from the adjacent carbon. The carbon in each layer is arranged in a hexagonal ring. The carbon hexagonal rings of the upper and lower adjacent layers displace each other through the direction parallel to the network surface and then overlap to form a layered structure. Different displacement directions and distances lead to different multi-type structures. The distance between the carbon atoms in the upper and lower layers is much larger than that between the carbon in the same layer (C-C spacing in layers = 0.142nm, C-C spacing between layers = 0.340nm).


Morphology of artificial graphite:


Single crystals are often in sheet or plate shape, but complete ones are rare. Aggregates are usually scaly, massive and earthy; Origin and occurrence of artificial graphite: artificial graphite is formed at high temperature. The most widely distributed metamorphic deposit is graphite, which is formed by regional metamorphism of sedimentary rocks rich in organic matter or carbonaceous matter;


Main uses of artificial graphite:


Artificial graphite is widely used in industry. It is used to make high-temperature crucible in smelting, lubricant in mechanical industry, electrode and pencil lead; It is widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings in metallurgical industry, stabilizer of initiating explosive materials in military industry, pencil lead in light industry, carbon brush in electrical industry, electrode in battery industry, catalyst in chemical fertilizer industry, etc.

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