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What should be paid attention to when using graphite electrode?

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1. Wet graphite electrodes should be dried before use.

2. Remove the foam protective cap on the spare graphite electrode hole and check whether the thread in the electrode hole is complete.

3. Clean the surface of spare graphite electrode and the thread in the hole with compressed air free of oil and water; Avoid cleaning with steel wire ball or metal brush abrasive cloth.

4. Carefully screw the connector into the electrode hole at one end of the spare graphite electrode (it is not recommended to directly install the connector into the electrode removed from the furnace), and do not collide with the thread.

5. Screw the electrode sling (graphite sling is recommended) into the electrode hole at the other end of the spare electrode.

6. When lifting the electrode, pad a soft object under one end of the spare electrode mounting joint to prevent the ground from damaging the joint; Use the hook to extend into the lifting ring of the spreader and lift the electrode stably to prevent the electrode from loosening from the B end or colliding with other fixed devices.

7. Lift the standby electrode above the electrode to be connected, align it with the electrode hole and slowly fall down; Rotate the standby electrode to make the spiral hook rotate and lower together with the electrode; When the end faces of the two electrodes are 10-20mm apart, clean the two end faces of the electrode and the exposed part of the joint with compressed air again; Do not lower the electrode completely at last, otherwise the thread of electrode hole and joint will be damaged due to violent collision.

8. Screw the spare electrode with a torque wrench until the end faces of the two electrodes are in close contact (the correct connection gap between the electrode and the joint is less than 0.05mm).

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