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Xingshi Graphite Electrode and Related Products Introduction !

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Graphite electrodes is a kind of high temperature resistant graphite conductive material made from petroleum coke and asphalt coke as aggregate and coal asphalt as binder through raw material calcination, crushing and grinding, batching, kneading, forming, roasting, impregnation, graphitization and machining. 

It is mainly used for steelmaking and smelting yellow phosphorus, industrial silicon and abrasive. It is a conductor that releases electric energy in an electric furnace to heat and melt the furnace charge.

The production process of graphite electrode can be divided into three kinds: pressure vibration method, NC automatic forming method and machining method. The main method used in domestic mold production is machining method.

According to national standards, graphite electrode can be divided into Regular power graphite electrode (RP Graphite Electrodes))  , high power graphite electrode (HP Graphite Electrodes)  and ultra-high power graphite electrode (UHP Graphite Electrode ). There is also a folk model in China, quasi ultra-high power graphite electrode (SHP), which is a product between high power and ultra-high power graphite electrode. This model is not available in the actual product classification. The performance is close to that of ultra-high power graphite electrode, but the price is lower than that of ultra-high power graphite electrode.

Raw Materials  Products  Usage 
Petroleum Coke 

Graphite Electrodes (200mm-700mm) 




EAF  ,LF For steel Melting 
Pitch Coke  Ferro Alloys LF 
Needle Coke  Silicon 
Coal Tar Pitch  Yellow Phosphours
etc... etc.....

1. Regular  power graphite electrode (RP) allows the current density to be lower than 17a / cm2. The raw materials are mainly petroleum coke and coal asphalt. The production cycle is about 45 days. It is mainly used to refine ordinary steel, silicon and yellow phosphorus.

2. High power graphite electrode (HP), whose allowable current density is between 18 ~ 25A / cm2, raw materials are petroleum coke and coal asphalt, needle coke is added, and the production cycle is about 60 days. It is mainly used for steelmaking.

3. Ultra high power graphite electrode (UHP), which allows the current density to be greater than 25A / cm2. The raw materials include petroleum coke, needle coke and coal asphalt. The needle coke content is greater than that of high-power graphite electrode, and the production cycle is greater than 65 days. It is used for smelting refined steel and special steel.

The raw material cost accounts for more than 65% of the total cost of graphite electrode. The key material of graphite electrode is needle coke. The ultra-high power electrode made of needle coke can shorten the steelmaking time by 30% ~ 50%, save electricity by 10% ~ 50%, and effectively reduce the steelmaking cost. One ton of finished ultra-high power graphite electrode contains 0.85 tons of needle coke, and 1.05 tons of needle coke is required to produce one ton of ultra-high power graphite electrode.

The diameter of graphite electrode is 200-700mm, which is difficult to break through 700mm due to the limitation of molding machine. The length is generally 1800-3000mm, and the domestic mainstream is 1800-2400mm.

Graphite electrode belongs to the industry of high energy consumption and high emission, and the future expansion may be limited under the background of double high limit. The production of a ton of graphite electrode consumes about 1.69 tons of standard coal. According to the conversion method of 1 ton of standard coal and 2.66 tons of carbon dioxide, the carbon emission of a single ton of graphite electrode is 4.48 tons,  That is Why every year winter coming , Chinese Heavy industry Area . Cost higher , electric charge increase , Also limited the Production .  Also 2021 World situation ,Freight cost , COVID ,   "Zero Carbon"  etc.... make this "Carbon" industry price up to Peak point . 

You may just delay 2 weeks , the price increase more than 200US Dollars . Cost loss is normal thing at 2021 ! 

Our company produces 15000 tons of high-quality calcined coke every year, with Specific Gravity of more than 2.08. The annual production of high-quality profiled products is 9000 tons, high-quality roasted products is 8000 tons, and there are five series of graphite electrodes: ordinary power, impregnation grade, high power, quasi ultra-high and ultra-high power Φ 100- Φ 600 and nipples , etc., with an annual output of more than 8000 tons. At the same time, it can also produce male and female electrodes, which sell well in the United States, Japan and other countries.

The factory has won the title of municipal high-quality products. Its products sell well in more than a dozen provinces and cities in China, and are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Belgium, France, Japan, South Korea and Russia, enjoying high honors at home and abroad.

Our graphite electrode and carbon products are your best choice. - - XINGSHI GRAPHITE AND CARBON 

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