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DC Pointed Gouging Carbon Rod


XINGSHI Professional In different Gouging Carbon Electrodes  ,Jointed Gouging Carbon Electrode , And Flat Gouging Carbon Electrode 

1.   DC Pointed Gouging Carbon Rod  4"5"6"7"8"9"10"11"12"13"....etc... ,- For High Current Users and Be good at working on hard alloys and casting with high efficiency . 

Accept Wholesale , Retails . More quantity ,more competitive price .

Specs :

Model                          Dia * Length 
Current Range (A) Usage 
 unit  (mm) unit (inches)
XS0302 3.2 X 305 1/8 X12" 130-180
XS04 4 ╳ 305(355) 5/32"╳12" (14") 150-200
XS05 5 ╳305(355) 3/16 ╳12"(14") 200-250
XS06 6 ╳305(355) 15/64" ╳ 12"((14") 300-350
XS0605 6.5 ╳305(355) 1/4" ╳(12"(14") 320-370
XS07 7 ╳355 9/32 ╳14" 350-400
XS08 8 ╳ 305(355)(510) 5/16 ╳12"(14")(20") 400-450
XS09 9 ╳ 305(355) 23/64 ╳12"(14") 450-500
B510 10 ╳ 305(355)(510) 3/8 ╳12"(14")(20") 500-550
B511 11 ╳ 305(355)(510) 7/16 ╳12"(14")(20") 600-650
B512 12 ╳ 305(355) 15/32 ╳12"(14") 750-850
B513 13 ╳ 305(355)(430)(510) 1/2╳12"(14")(17")(20") 800-1000
B516 16 ╳ 355(430)(510) 5/8╳14"(17")(20") 1000-1200
B519 19 ╳355(430)(510) 3/4×14"(17")(20") 1200-1400

Four size compare

Carbon Electrodes  - overview of carbon rods:

The Carbon Electrodes  is a non-metallic product. As a ARC- AIR  cutting consumable before welding in the carbon arc gouging cutting process, it is made of carbon, graphite and appropriate adhesive by extrusion forming, baking and rotating at 2200 ℃ and then plating a layer of copper. It has high temperature resistance, good conductivity and is not easy to break. It is suitable for cutting metal to meet the requirements.

Carbon Electrodes ( Copper coated Gouging rod) - use and performance of carbon rod:


Due to the high service temperature, the carbon rod is easy to conduct electricity and has good chemical stability. It has been widely used in national defense, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, casting, non-ferrous alloy, light chemistry and other fields, especially black carbon rod. It has also been used in ceramics, semiconductors, medicine, environmental protection, laboratory analysis and other fields. It has become a widely used non-metallic material. When cutting steel, it is not necessary to use flammable and explosive gas like oxygen acetylene flame cutting, which has the advantages of low cost and safe operation. Arc cutting can be used to process a variety of metals that cannot be processed by gas cutting, such as cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc., with high efficiency and ideal results.


The element has the advantages of hard and brittle texture, small expansion coefficient, rapid cooling and heating resistance, not easy to deform, good chemical stability, strong acid resistance, no reaction with strong acid, poor alkali resistance, and can corrode and decompose the rod body at high temperature.

The flexural strength of the carbon rod increases with the increase of the component temperature, and the hardness increases. The resistance value of the element, reflected by the resistance rate, is measured at 25 μ ohm. M according to the provisions of the ministerial standard.

The surface load current density of the element is closely related to the raw material formula and * * density of the black carbon rod, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to needs.

Carbon gouging Electrods  classification:

DC Pointed Gouging carbon rod : it is mainly used for back gouging of weld, back grooving and removal of welding defects;

DC Pointed Flat Gouging carbon rod : used to remove the residual temporary weld bead and weld scar on the component, remove the reinforcement of the weld and carbon arc cutting;

DC Jointed Gouging carbon rod : suitable for automatic or manual type welding *, continuous feeding, which can reduce the residual carbon rod loss during use, with high grooving precision, smooth and uniform, good stability and high efficiency.

Gouging Carbon rod - instructions for use of carbon rod:

1. The carbon rod must be kept dry. It can only be used after drying in case of moisture.

2. When used for DC power supply, the carbon rod is connected to the positive pole of the power supply and the working is connected to the negative pole.

3. The compressed air pressure shall be maintained at 0.5-1.6mpa.

4. The arc distance between the carbon rod and the workpiece is about 3mm, and the exposure of the carbon rod to the fixture is about 100mm.

5. The carbon rod forms an included angle of 45 ° with the workpiece and is planed along the tangent (or straight line) direction.

6. The carbon rod must be well ventilated when used. Operate according to the working current.



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