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Extruded Graphite Rods


Extruded Graphite Rod 

Fine-Grained Graphite Rod 

Mold Graphite Rod 

Isostatic Graphite Rod 

Spec Size :

Isostatic graphite
blank size blank size blank size
D950*770 D639*635 D412*1150
D910*750 D589*550 D408*1130
D805*740 D590*460 D368*1130
D780*755 D563*562 D360*1150
D740*740 D465*1140 D332*1130
D650*655 D450*770 D225*2100
square 1050~2210*540*350 1080*562*190 442*440*338
1170~1560*562*461 1135*572*330 15μm
1050~1160*570*403 700*421*212
1470*682*330 645*503*210 25μm
1320*563*186 550*560*440
Note: The above specifications include: 25 microns, 15 microns, 12 microns, 8 microns, 6 microns, 4 microns, 2 microns products
Molded graphite Round  φ135*260   φ140*260    φ160*220    φ180*260    φ210*230(260)    φ240*410 
square 900*300*200   650*210*150   550*450*200     510*400*200    510*310*180(210) 
410*310*150(160,180,200)    385*270*210   310*310*210

 our advantage ,普通

Application :  Graphite rod and high-purity graphite rod have excellent physical and chemical properties, so they are widely used in chemical, electrical, mechanical, metal smelting and casting industries. Next, let's talk about the various uses of graphite rod and graphite column.1. As refractory. Graphite rod and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance and high strength. It is mainly used to manufacture graphite crucible in metallurgical industry. Graphite is often used as protective agent for steel ingot and lining of metallurgical furnace in steelmaking.2. Used as fireproof filler. Expandable graphite rod is an interlayer compound of graphite rod obtained by chemical or electrochemical treatment. Under heating conditions, the volume of expandable graphite rod expands rapidly, suffocating the flame, and generating expansions to isolate the flame and delay or interrupt the flame spread. Moreover, it is non combustible, has good flexibility, high surface energy and good strength of carbonized layer.3. As anti-corrosion material. Graphite rod has good corrosion resistance to chemicals and solvents. If chemical pigments such as zinc yellow are added to the formula, the antirust effect is better; Antirust primer made of carbon black, talc powder and oil has excellent anti-corrosion performance.4. As a conductive material. In the electrical industry, graphite rod is used as the cathode of electrode, brush, carbon rod, carbon tube and mercury positive current device, ink washer, telephone parts, coating of TV picture tube, etc.5. As wear-resistant lubricating material. Graphite rod is often used as a lubricant in the machinery industry and can be used under the conditions of high speed, high temperature and high pressure.6. As casting, sanding, die casting and high-temperature metallurgical materials: because the thermal expansion coefficient of graphite rod is small and can withstand the changes of rapid cooling and heat, it can be used as the mold of glassware. After using graphite, the ferrous metal can obtain the casting with accurate size, smooth surface and high yield. It can be used without processing or slight processing, thus saving a lot of metal

XINGSHI GRAPHITE AND CARBON specializes in the production of fine grain graphite rods, graphite rods into granularity of 0.8mm , 0.8-2mm, 2-4mm diameter from between 30MM-180MM, length according to the user,s needs for processing, quality assurance , price concessions, welcome your inquiry Contact us 



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