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Why is graphite powder conductive ?

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As a chemical raw material, graphite powder is indispensable in modern industry. It is a soft product with metallic luster. It has the advantages of lubricity, plasticity, conductivity and high temperature resistance. The following small series will introduce the reasons why graphite powder has conductivity.

The conductivity of graphite powder is related to the purity (i.e. carbon content). Generally, the higher the purity of the powder, the higher the graphitization degree, the wider the particle size distribution and the higher the aspect ratio, the better the conductivity.

The reason why graphite powder is a conductor: the conductivity of graphite powder is 100 times higher than that of general non-metallic minerals. Because the periphery of each carbon atom in the graphite lubricating powder is connected with three other carbon atoms, which are arranged into multiple hexagonal honeycomb shapes, because each carbon atom will release an electron, and the electron can move freely.

Graphite powder is widely used in the electrical industry: telephone parts, coating of TV picture tube, cathode of mercury rectifier, graphite gasket, electrode, brush, carbon rod and carbon tube.

Among them, graphite powder is particularly used: the graphite electrode used in smelting various ferroalloys and alloy steels has a strong current through the electrode, which is introduced into the smelting area of the electric furnace, and then generates an arc, which converts electric energy into heat energy. When the temperature rises to about 2000 degrees, it can achieve the effect of smelting or reaction.

In addition, when electrolyzing metal sodium, aluminum and magnesium, the anode of the electrolytic cell uses graphite electrode. Of course, the resistance furnace for producing rigid sand also uses graphite electrode as the furnace head conductive material.

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