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Natural Flake Graphite Powder Pencil Grade



  1. Introduction :

The Flake graphite powder for Xingshi graphite pencil lead is black. As the main material for the production of pencil lead, the flake graphite powder with fine particle size is used as the raw material

The lubrication performance of Xingshi flake graphite powder directly affects the fluency of pencil writing. Xingshi flake graphite powder has good lubrication performance .


2.  Detailed Description of Application in Pencil and Pencil Lead :

The main component of pencil lead is graphite. In fact, the refill of a pencil is made of graphite and clay in a certain proportion. For example, "H" is the prefix of "hard" in English, which represents clay and represents the hardness of pencil lead. The larger the number in front of "H" (such as 6h), the harder the pencil lead, that is, the larger the proportion of clay mixed with graphite in the pencil lead, the less obvious the words are written, which is often used for copying. "B" is the prefix of "black" in English, which represents graphite. It is used to indicate the soft condition of pencil lead and the obvious degree of writing. "6B" is the softest and darkest handwriting. It is often used for painting. The label of ordinary pencil is generally "HB". The pencil mark used to paint the answer sheet during the exam is usually "2B".

The lead core of the pencil is mainly composed of graphite powder and clay. According to the national standard, the pencil is divided into 18 types according to the graphite concentration. In the current standardized examination in China, the computer can only read the pencil handwriting with lead concentration of 2B. Too thick or too light will cause the failure or error of computer reading

Why can graphite powder be used as pencil core? First, it is black; Secondly, it is soft and is one of the softest ores. If it is gently scratched on the paper, it will leave traces. If viewed under a magnifying glass, the pencil trace is composed of very small graphite particles. The hardness and softness of ore is an important index to identify ore types.

3.   Best Selling Model Pencil Grade Natural Flake Graphite Powder  :

Fixed Carbon
Ash+ Voilate %
-894   P-1
94 % min
5% Max
0.5% Max
-595   P-2
95%  min
5% Max
0.5% Max
-395   P-3
95% min
5% Max
0.5% Max

   (* note:  can adjust according to customer'requiement )

Following is Natural Flake Graphite Powder Which Customers Common Used Specs :

Fixed Carbon content (80, 85, 90, 93, 94, 95, 96, 98, 99, 99.5, 99.9, 99.99) %

Particle size (+ 32 mesh, + 50 mesh, + 80 mesh, + 100 mesh, - 100 mesh, - 200 mesh, - 325 mesh, - 400 mesh, - 600 mesh, - 800 mesh, - 1000 mesh, - 1200 mesh, - 1500 mesh, - 2000 mesh, - 3000 mesh, - 5000 mesh, - 8000 mesh, - 15000 mesh)

The above specifications of flake graphite are available in stock all year round. For special specifications, please contact our sales personnel by whatsapp (+86 13028650772 ) or E-mail: sales@china-xingshi.com . We can process and produce according to the technical indicators required by customers. Delivery time of special specification graphite powder (within 7-20 days)

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