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Purchasing From China Quality Products from Reliable Supplier By Xingshi Import and Export



A Letter to Buyers all over the world ,


      Hope this email find you everything well and good health .

      Here is , Xingshi Export Department , We do this idea from our regular customers , they try to find reliable supplier to help them import from china , and now Try to introduce this product link how to work .  


       1.  No fixed product to sell .

       2.  Trade- Export without import ( Just sell to worldwide , until now we have plan to import any material .)

       3.  Welcome any industry products inquiry . retailer and Government limited material not available , kindly concern .( Whenever and wherever you want )

        4.  We can offer you with our comission transparent 5%,8%,10% , or just offer you a price however the profit you do not know  . Then you confirm that is competitive or not . Indicate then Negotiation like common offer . We do in sincerely way , so no such big profit , if you said double higher , then we just let it go . or you give me a target price , ever you buy from China , we do our best and find a way  to meet that price  , of course based on the good quality  . This means we do honest business , if your price is unreasonable  , please leave us alone . 

       5.  If you have interested in any products from China , you wanna some suggestion , just welcome here . Not the technical problem ,. we know , we will do 100% support .,  Free , just we have this department , Just welcome worldwide friends  ,Help you know China , Help you know Chinese Export Issue . Except ( If you had been cheated , please find the related government department , we are helpless . We are just business man , maybe help you call someone , but it is useless . Find government department will solve your problem more efficient . DO IT IN LEGAL WAY .

       6. Professional : donot worry about the products we are not professional and familiar . we will work as your way to provide which data you requried .  

Advantage :  Even now many factory do directly export , but you know Thousand suppliers in marketing , The factory price maybe not bottom one , why ? because Customer only know the reasonable import , not concern , what is best they can get from Factory .   we do market inquiry by our way ,  save your time and cost  . we are just one more choice for you .  

       Also our payment term , payment currency is flexible .

       We wanna to be your business partners . best partners and friends .  We will be your backup in China .

So kindly check and if now you have inquiry , also wanna buy from China . Contact  us !!!  Or maybe nor you have no inquiry , just note me , When you need , we are in your list .

Skype & Wechat & Whatsapp : +86 13028650772

E-mail: sales@china-xing.com

Faith & Innvovation to win the future !!


                                                                                                                                                    Thanks & Best Regards,

                                                                                                                                                          Xingshi Export





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