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Customized 50 Mesh Flake Graphite Used for Coating Graphite Electrode Powder Pencil Lead And Ink Flake Graphite 95-98% Fixed Carbon

  • 595,599,5999


±50 Mesh Natural Flake Graphite Powder

(-598,-599 ,Fixed carbon from (85%- 99.99%  etc.....   Natural Flake Graphite )

Product discription: 

Natural flake graphite powder with melting point of 3850 ± 50 ºC, boiling point of 4250 ºC, even after ultra-high temperature electric arc burning, weight loss is very small. Graphite also with thermal small expansion coefficient and at 2000 ºC temperature strengthen increase which is double than before. Graphite is available to use in electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity industrial like electronic industry and thermal insulation material.

Title of Natural Flake Graphite

Natural Flake Graphite Features :

1. Graphite with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity: Graphite's conductivity is higher than the general non-metallic minerals a hundred times. Graphite's thermal conductivity is much better than steel, iron, lead, and other metal element materials. With the great properties, graphite powder is widely used as electrode, the positive brushes, carbon rod, carbon tubes, mercury positive converter, graphite gaskets, phone parts, television picture tube coatings in the electrical industry as a manufacturer.

2. Natural flake graphite powder is also a good lubricating additive powder. The performance of lubrication depends on the size of the graphite flake graphite, the larger of the flake the smaller of the coefficient of friction and lead to the better lubrication.

3. Natural flake graphite powder is stable powder at room temperature, graphite is acid, alkali and corrosion resistance and also resistance of organic solvents.

Flake Graphite characters

High Purity 95%-99.9%   50/80/100/200/300/325/500/1000/3500 Mesh Flake Graphite Powder Factory Price

Boiling point: 4250 ºC
Dense degree: 1.6 ~ 2.2
Should be used: carburizer, smelting
Structure: high temperature resistant, conductive, thermal conductivity

Graphite powder can be divided into two main categories:
1. Natural graphite
2. Synthetic graphite

Among them, natural graphite has the following kinds:
1. Flake graphite
2. Amorphous Graphite
3. Micronized graphite Powder
4. Expandable flake Graphite
5. Artificial Graphite ( Widely used)

Flake graphite

is a natural crystalline graphite, which is similar to fish phosphorus and belongs to hexagonal crystal system. It has layered structure. It has good properties of high temperature resistance, conductivity, heat conduction, lubrication, plasticity and acid-base resistance.
Flake graphite is a natural lubricant with a layered structure, rich in resources and cheap in price.

Natural graphite

is formed by the transformation of carbon-rich organic matter under the long-term action of high temperature and high pressure geological environment, and is the crystallization of nature. The technological characteristics of natural graphite mainly depend on its crystalline form. Minerals with different crystalline forms have different industrial values and uses. There are many kinds of natural graphite. According to the different crystalline morphology, natural graphite is divided into dense crystalline graphite, flake graphite and cryptocrystalline graphite

Note: different size products of natural flake graphite powder can be customized according to client's requirements!


                                         Pencil lead

                                                    Natural Flake Graphite use for Pencil and Pencil lead - Natural Flake Graphite powder Manufacturer 

                                             HOT-SELLING NATURAL FLAKE GRAPHITE IN WORLDWIDE

Natural Flake Graphite

1. Type: High-carbon graphite, Medium Carbon Graphite

2. Fixed carbon: 94%-99%

3. Size: passing 100mesh (<0.15mm) 80%min

4. Other products




Carbon Contents




Screen Oversize

Screen Undersize

High Carbon













Middle Carbon













Delivery : 10-25 days after advance payment
Packing:  100g/bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, according to customer's requirements.

For more details , welcome , Your Specific inquiry will receive the answer with the details within 12-24 hours !!!!


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